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Thursday, September 14, 2006


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I think that the base derivation key (BDK) must be more longer ( 128 bits)...

How do you get a iskn and bdk;if not given.

Yes, I think Ben was right, according to Thales BDK generation tools, it produces a 32 digits of BDK value. I wanted to know what kind of utility that you have to creates a DUKPT PIN-Block ?

This Wikipedia post explains the relationship between the BDK and IPEK:


Ben/Flkri - you're both wrong. He has a 16 byte BDK which is 128 bits (16*8 = 128)...

Hi Andy

Could you please explain more on "IKSN are encrypted by the BDK", what method is using to encrypt IKSN here? I though XOR but seem not true


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